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Happy National Corndog Day!

Yee Haw!  It's National Corndog Day!

Yee Haw! It’s National Corndog Day!

It’s  National Corndog Day!  A high holy holiday here at Quin’s Progress!

I am not sure I endorse the official connection between Corndog Day and the beginning of March Madness basketball stuff, but, as usual, they didn’t consult me.  Not that I have anything against it, but I never associated corndogs with basketball, myself.  To me, corndogs mean summertime, flip flops, county fairs, lemonade and the occasional trip to the drive-in movies in the back of the wood paneled station wagon in your jammies!  And today, anytime I have worked really hard, or done something especially good, or I just feel I deserve a reward or a treat, I say I deserve a corndog!  So, today’s the day to treat yourself, and go find an A-Frame Wienerschnitzel or a Hot Dog On A Stick in your local mall, watch those silly girls in the goofy 60s-era polyesther uniforms jump up and down on the lemonade presser, and have yourself an honest to goodness corndog!  You deserve it!respect_the_corn_dog_card-p137005163895831423b21fb_400