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That’s a Lot of Travelin’ Clams!

The main thing that has kept me from traveling more is that, when I have the time, I don’t have the money, and when I have the money, I don’t have the time.  Sound familiar?  Well, I can’t do anything about your schedule, but as for the money, listen up:  Afar Magazine has teamed up with Vayama, the online international travel agency, to offer five $2,000 vouchers good on Vayama.com, and one five-day trip to Copenhagen, to the authors of the six best travel highlights and photos uploaded to Afar’s online, collaborative travel guide.  Details here.  Afar calls these contests “Catch” contests, they hold them frequently, and they are no joke.  Trips to Europe, India, vouchers for airfare and hotels, iPads and other valuable items for travelers have featured as past prizes.

From my most recent Afar highlight on Mexico City's Bazaar Sábado

From my most recent Afar highlight on Mexico City’s Bazaar Sábado

Now, I realize I’m reducing the odds of winning the Catch contest myself by telling you all about this, because now you’re going to go and compete with me by submitting your own highlights that will probably be better than mine.  But, I don’t care.  The reason Afar is such a great resource is because of the number of travelers who contribute their input.  Even if you don’t want to contribute a highlight, take a gander at the site, and see if you don’t lose a whole afternoon drooling over the highlights of exotic places and experiences posted by others.  You can even save highlights to your own personal “Wanderlists” for ease of reference when you’re getting ready to plan your own trip.

Flower merchant at El Bazaar Sábado

Flower merchant at El Bazaar Sábado

I contribute to Afar pretty regularly, but I spend even more time gathering inspiration and ideas for future travels by browsing through the highlights posted by others.  Do yourself a favor, and take a look, you’ll be amazed.  Then, join the party, sift through your travel photos and upload a highlight of your own.  You just might win two thousand bucks to spend on your next trip!