Quin's Progress

What’s This Site All About?

Welcome to Quin’s Progress!

So, what’s with the weird site name?  Okay, here’s the story:

From medieval times to the present day, when the monarchs of England traveled to the far reaches of the kingdom to see and be seen by the royal subjects, to administer the business of the crown, and to generally ensure the regent’s familiarity with the realm, that grand tour has been referred to as the “Royal Progress,” and when that monarch is a woman, the “Queen’s Progress.”

My name is Quin.  I am not under any delusions that I am some kind of monarch, and I sure don’t travel with a stately entourage of guards and ladies-in-waiting (I don’t think I’m even English, although who knows, there might be an Englishman somewhere way back there in my cowboy/hillbilly roots).  But, this site is a chronicle of my travels and adventures around our shared realm, both here at home and abroad, as well as of my personal journeys…my own progress, if you will.  Hence, Quin’s Progress.

And, yes, that is a giant, gold and diamond corndog scepter in my left hand in the masthead image!  Those of you who already know me know why, and those of you who are new to this site will come to see how prominently the corndog features in my view of wonderful things in the world.

Speaking of which, the fabulous, groovy artwork on my site was done by the amazing Les Toil, who I am blessed to call a friend.  Check out his stuff, it will blow your mind, I promise:  www.lestoil.net.

The photos on this site are all by me, and are my property, unless otherwise noted.

Please don’t hesitate to email me at quin@quinsprogress.com if you have any questions, or just want to say hi!  Don’t be shy!

Thank you for joining me on this madcap voyage.  I look forward to exploring the Quindom with you!


6 thoughts on “What’s This Site All About?

  1. I am digging this already! Can’t wait to go traipsing along with you!


  2. Hi Quin!

    I’m actually just starting up blogging about my own recent trip to Taiwan and looking up what those moustache nuts were called when I came across your site. Your posts put my own ideas/comparatively few photos to shame. Your writing is so full of personality and humor, and conveys an adventurous sense of curiosity (trying out those betelnuts for instance, something I’d hesitate to do… and I’m of Taiwanese heritage!).

    I have to go through your other posts, since I see you’ve certainly been blogging about a ton of other places, based on the tags. Hope you have a blast on your royal progress!

    • Hi Sophie! Thank you so much! I’m always just so happy when I hear that people are reading my blog, when they actually like it, it really makes my day!

  3. Hello Quin!
    You’re amazing, let me say that.
    I’ve smiled and grinned at your Burma experiences.

    Best wishes to you! I’ll keep following you from time to time.

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