Quin's Progress

I Am Still Alive


You guys, I have not perished, joined a cult, been in captivity, or gotten trapped under something heavy. I just caught a nasty cold basically the second I landed in Europe last Fall, and I couldn’t shake it the whole time I was there.  Writing while feeling lousy just felt like an extra chore I didn’t have the energy for. I apparently need clear sinuses to hear the muse! Anyhoo, I am fine now, still on the road, and will get back to my blog once I untangle my thoughts.  A lot has happened!


8 thoughts on “I Am Still Alive

  1. Glad you are feeling better!

  2. Quin:
    Not knowing where you are, it’s hard to send a prescription. It used to be “Send your sinuses to Arizona,” but if you are still in Europe, maybe North Africa would be the destination, except that it is not very hospitable to our types lately, not even in Morocco. Perhaps the plains of Spain would dry you out safely.
    We’re awaiting further news.

    • Hey there, Tim! Yes, some warm, dry weather and spicy food would do me a world of good. And vitamin D. Setting trajectory for sunshine! Hope you’re well!

  3. Standing By to Stand By

  4. Great to hear first hand. We look forward to a face to face in the not to distant future. H. says he is getting his ducks in a row….. & is looking forward to sharing another once in a lifetime adventure. Raupy maybe not so much. 100 degrees here today. Sending much love. J & N

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