Quin's Progress

First Things First


Hello Everyone, and welcome to Quin’s Progress, the Official Page of the Quin Show World Tour!

Before we start off on any adventures, I thought we should christen my fabulous, trusty Giraff-adillo steed (pictured above in the masthead, by the incomparable Les Toil).  I can’t quite decide if the magnificent creature is a boy or a girl, though, so let’s start there.  Help me out by voting below:

Now, let’s choose a name.  Feel free to suggest alternatives in the comments section, too!

Thanks!  I’ll announce the decision once we have a quorum!

7 thoughts on “First Things First

  1. If Les painted it then it’s all girl.

  2. You have a point, Mark!

  3. our knowledge of each other is unfortunately not what it was , but would have thought axel would be the first choice.

  4. It is so obviously half boy/half girl, and its name is Trumar Loody .You are holding up the stick-shaft, just waiting to lead s/he forward.

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